The World is my Office

I have developed my very own lifestyle, working while travelling. This is my definition of freedom. I always welcome opportunities to travel for meetings, to deliver an event or simply to work on content projects from a beach or mountains 😉

I’m a proud Millennial and this lifestyle is something my generation has been able to enjoy thanks to progress in tech! We only need good WiFi to get started! I truly believe this is the Future of Work.

“Slash Generation”

I wear several hats, typical “Slash Generation”:

I’m a proud “Roader”. We specialize in business travel consultancy.
At FESTIVE ROAD, we have created “liberated ambassadors”. Our model refers to the “brain sharing economy”. I work with amazing teammates across the world, in an empowering working environment.

I am most well known for my event appearances, whether it’s moderating the latest travel (tech) / innovation events, delivering a keynote on industry trends or leading a hackathon translating geek into English and vice versa!

I am also known for sharing my travel/work experiences on social, whether it’s sharing my work places around the world or testing the latest industry tech solutions.

Yes, I mean to say I am a great guinea pig 😉

My playground

(travel) Technology & Innovation

I’m a techie… I am well known for driving change in the Travel ecosystem. I have a passion for technology and how companies can blend the physical and digital together to drive the right result.

Fun Is Not The Enemy of Work

I come full of energy and passion for success fired by my tagline
“Fun is not the enemy of work”.

I always welcome the opportunity to learn new things on all projects I work on!